I’ve tried starting this entry at least 15 different times and I’m resorting to just saying… We got frogs in the mail today and they are awesome!

I was able to catch the 25% off post-Christmas sale at Josh’s Frogs and we are now the proud care givers of 4 White’s Tree Frogs!!

They are quite hilarious and have enjoyed exploring their new home even if it’s slightly bare bones right now.  I have a bevy of vines and decor coming early next week but currently they are enjoying their fake ivy and their big swimming hole.

wpid-wp-1420303503962.jpegThese two are the biggest by far.  The one on the bottom has fully explored every inch of their tank and all the other frogs too… evidently it’s ok with everything because it’s currently asleep on one of the vines.


This one is very active and has been the most comical.  For the longest it would climb up the side to the very top then slide slowly down… then climb back up… then slide back down.  It was quite amusing to watch!


How about a little frog butt?  Seriously these guys are hysterical! I haven’t come up with names yet, tho I’m sure their personalities will start shining through soon.  I’m tempted to call the one above Sisyphus.

I was very sad when our other two WTFs passed… I’ve done a lot of research before getting this gang and hopefully they will benefit from my studies 🙂  I have better heat regulating sources for them and also a better understanding of what they need in their habitat to thrive.  I also think buying the frogs from a breeder (or at least reputable source) alleviated some of the stress on the frogs.  As much as I love Repticon I think the middle men are often more interested in their profits instead of animal well-being.  Having said that, I would like to give a HUGE shout out to Josh from Josh’s Frogs for calling and discussing with me the best time to ship the frogs.  He was concerned about the upcoming drop in temperatures for us and was wanting to make sure someone was going to be home today to receive the frogs.  He was extremely nice on the phone and even answered a few questions M had about one of her fish tanks… YAY for customer service!!

So here’s hoping that the blog will have a regular froggie feature detailing the adventures of Sisyphus and his friends… yep that one is definitely going to be Sisyphus now.

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