Morning Frog Report


So today Sisyphus made a break for freedom… He’s brash and independent like that.  He’s the sort that will look you in the eye and then make a spectacular leap to the floor then scamper (yes SCAMPER) across the floor in an attempt to climb the Christmas tree.

He is a TREE frog after all.

Currently he’s giving me the eye from corner as he slowly slides back down to the bottom of the tank.  His tank mates are all frog piled up asleep but no not Sisyphus… he’s got to be doing.


See he woke up Natty Grumpo… Natty Grumpo is the least amused frog in the whole tank.  That’s him on the left.  Notice how Sisyphus is mischievously peaking over the leaf and Natty is just looking disgruntled.

I’m still working on names for the remaining two frogs.  They were actively exploring this morning, climbing out on the vines and taking brief dips in the pool.  Nobody is burying up in the moss so that’s good… the heat regulator is doing an awesome job maintaining an even temp and the humidity is maintaining nicely.  There were poops this morning so it appears that everybody is getting over their trip here just fine.


And after all that exploring this morning it’s time for a froggie nap… loving that Sisyphus felt the need to moon me in this shot… He’s going to be devil that one….

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