The year that is new

So it’s a new year. Again. 2019 came in like a battlefield at our little corner of the world. Heavy fog made every blast seem right on top of us while the sky turned a myriad array of colors… RED… BLUE… GREEN and GOLD GLITTER!!! All with a booming and crackling that sent all my horses, from the staid drafts to the diminutive ponies, into an abject panic. There was running! There was neighing! There was falling! There was terror!! And then thankfully there was rain (one of the few times you’ll hear a person from SC thanking the winter rains this season).

Our usual 12 days of Christmas tradition sort of fell by the wayside this year and that’s ok. Maybe we have reached saturation with the tradition or maybe I just couldn’t find a lot of awesomely cool things for J but my gifts were limited to alcohol (GoT wines!) and a telescope I found on sale at Sam’s (ok, so it’s not like a fancy telescope but you can take pics with it and that’s pretty awesome… plus it was half off so that’s super awesome). I’m not sure how J will ever top my hooded Pusheen robe… complete with cat ears!! KAWAIIII!!!

Our fascination with Japan continues. Those of you who follow our Instagram may have seen our first attempt at a Japanese style breakfast. It turned our fabulously if maybe not entirely accurate. Salted salmon is not widely available where I live so I had to make that myself. It’s one of the easiest recipes ever… and this coming from someone that doesn’t generally do the fish thing. The Japanese style breakfast adventure also yielded an unexpected discovery. I absolutely love umeboshi with rice. Is there any other way to have rice? I don’t think so.

Cycling is still a thing. After 2 years I’m fairly certain it’s not going to go away. I tolerate it better than I once did, probably owing to the fact that I met several nice cyclists that ride with the boys. There are still a poo-ton of crappy ones out there, but the handful of good ones have made a huge difference in my perception of the sport. I’m impervious to equestribitches but figuring out the cycling equivalent took me a while.

We are making plans to have more riding this year. I took Pip out after a nearly 2 year hiatus and I’m not sure who was more excited. Pip is the kind of horse that really loves a job so this long rest has not been his cup of tea at all. His hoof is fully healed and the difference is simply amazing! He is forward and eager where before he was willing but a constant push which left us both exhausted after every ride. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish this year. I have no big plans. I simply want to ride my pony… be that in the woods or on the quiet roads or at a pace… at this point I don’t care so long as I get some dedicated pony time.

I’ve been doing a few art projects that I can’t currently share nor talk about. I’m waiting to exchange Christmas gifts with a friend and then I can share the process pics on Instagram and will probably write a blog post as well. I’ve never really considered myself much of an artist… but this project has sparked so much creative happiness that I’m already working on more!

So that’s a brief and not at all comprehensive update ahead of more blogging this year. Hopefully there will be art stuff, cooking, unboxings, horses, cycling and all the other ten thousand things we find to do around here! If you’re looking for a more daily Tapsalteerie fix then I’d suggest following us on Instagram as I tend to post there often. I hope everyone is having a good new year so far and here’s hoping I actually do keep on blogging… for the first time in a long time I’ve felt my old blogging voice stirring and I’m hoping it means my years long writer’s block is breaking!

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