Kawaii Box January 2019

So it’s pretty much common knowledge that I am a big fan of subscription boxes, or blind boxes or fukubukuro bags. I think it is because if feels very much like receiving a gift from somebody that knows you like a genre and sent you a care package based around that idea.

I absolutely love pretty much anything kawaii. This probably comes as a shock to anyone who knows me in the real world as I’m the most down to earth, house-wren plain person you will literally ever meet. Brown is my go-to color, even with a brief foray into unicorn and mermaid hair I still read as practical and sensible, not whimsical and cute. Never cute (except that one time when I was about 6 when this kid at the pizza restaurant told my dad I was cute because I had a dimple then proceeded to try to flirt with me which was completely a waste of his time because I was totally dating Spring, my horse).


So my January 2019 Kawaii Box came today and as expected it is absolutely adorable…. I mean look at the cute faces on the little stars! SQUEEEE!

And the tissue paper! Look how cute! I can tell you, there have been many bad farm days that have been brightened just from this entirely adorable packaging!!

Kawaii Box ships from Singapore and is filled to the brim with Kawaii goodness! Usually there is some sort of squishy, some sort of plushie, some sort of pen, some sort of stationery and sometimes some sort of snack.

pardon Momo photobomb… he was after the tofu charm!!

This time we have a Moomin plushie, DIY candy kit, a little tofu squishy charm, a whale shaped snowflake paper punch, candy shaped highlighters, washi tape set, a dessert sticker set, a rubber stamp set featuring what I think is a chubby cheeked cat, a Card-captor Sakura pen, and a spray bottle with a what I believe is a panda face, tho it’s tan and that’s throwing me a bit as I want that to be a raccoon but the shape of the eye patches aren’t right for that either so I think it must be a panda. Personally I think that’s a lot of super cute items for less than $20 shipped!

The thing that I genuinely like about Kawaii Box is that it typically contains things that I can’t find on one of my many Asian market adventures. It also contains things that I actually will use! Even the Moomin and tofu charm are happily received as they become a part of my Kawaii Christmas Tree!!

So if you need a little kawaii in your life, I’d highly recommend the Kawaii Box! Much like all subscription boxes they have a couple different ways to subscribe, either 1 month, 6 month or 12 month renewals with the 12 month version being the most economical altho it requires a bigger upfront purchase than the monthly renewal. And if you really are interested in trying out the box then click here to get $5 off your first box!

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